Shared Task

2016 CEGS N-GRID Shared-Tasks and Workshop on Challenges in Natural Language Processing for Clinical Data

November 11, 2016

7:45AM - 8:15AM: Breakfast

8:15AM - 9:00AM: Opening remarks

Welcome, tracks' overview and results
Ozlem Uzuner, Amber Stubbs, Michele Filannino

9:00AM - 10:00AM: Presentations Part I: Track 1 - De-identification

UTH: A hybrid approach for automatic de-identification of psychiatric notes
Hee-Jin Lee, Yonghui Wu, Yaoyun Zhang, Jun Xu, Hua Xu, Kirk Roberts

An Ensemble system based on Conditional Random Field and Recurrent Neural Network for De-identification in Clinical Texts
Zengjian Liu, Buzhou Tang, Xiaolong Wang, Qingcai Chen

LIMSI at CEGS N-GRID 2016 NLP Shared-Tasks: Track 1.B De-Identification of Clinical Texts at Character and Token Levels
Cyril Grouin

10:00AM - 10:15AM: Break

10:15AM - 11:35AM: Presentations Part II: Track 2 - RDoC classification

CREATE: Clinical REcords Analysis Technologies Ensemble
Skylar Durst, Joshua Terrell, Vadim Kagan, Andrew Stevens, Alex Dekhtyar, V.S. Subrahmanian

Ordinal Convolutional Neural Networks for RDoc Classification
Anthony Rios, Ramakanth Kavuluru

Predictive Modeling for Classification of Positive Valance System Severity from Initial Psychiatric Evaluation Notes
Fuchiang (Rich) Tsui, Jose Posada, Lingyun Shi, Amie J. Draper, Diyang Xue, Victor Ruiz, Hoah-Der Su, Pei-Han Kuan, Fan Mi, Ye Ye, Neal Ryan

LIMSI at CEGS N-GRID 2016 NLP Shared-Tasks: Track 2, RDoC
Pierre Zweigenbaum, Véronique Moriceau, Cyril Grouin

11:35AM - 12:05AM: Lighting talks for posters

12:05AM - 1:15PM: Lunch & posters set-up

1:15PM - 2:15PM - Presentations Part III: Track 2 - RDoC classification

Identifying Symptom Severity Levels by Combining Learning-to-Rank and Linear Regression
Travis R. Goodwin, Ramon Maldonado, Sanda M. Harabagiu

MDQ: Symptom Severity Classification with Gradient Tree Boosting
Yang Liu, Yu Gu, Haodan Li, Jiawei Zhang, Yang Huang

Counting trees in Random Forests: Predicting symptom severity in initial psychiatric intake reports
Elyne Scheurwegs, Madhumita Sushil, Stéphan Tulkens, Walter Daelemans, Kim Luyckx

2:15PM - 4:30PM: Break and Poster session

Sight Unseen De-identification of Mental Health Records with existing RNN and CRF based systems
Zengjian Liu, Buzhou Tang, Xiaolong Wang, Qingcai Chen

LIMSI at CEGS N-GRID 2016 NLP Shared-Tasks: Track 1.A De-Identification of Unseen Clinical Texts
Cyril Grouin

De-identification of Unstructured Electronic Health Records Using Conditional Random Fields with Extended Context and Global Features
Jitendra Jonnagaddala, Hong-Jie Dai, Kuan-Yu Chen, Yu-Chi Huang, Wei-Yun Tsai

De-identification of Psychiatric Evaluation Notes with the MITRE Identification Scrubber Toolkit
John Aberdeen, Samuel Bayer, Cheryl Clark, Ben Wellner and Lynette Hirschman

NCU-IISR De-identification System at CEGS N-GRID 2016
Yi-Jung Tsai, Eric Chen, Po-Ting Lai, Richard Tzong-Han Tsai

Learning to De-Identify Clinical Text with Existing Hybrid Tools
Abdulrahman K. AAlAbdulsalam, Stephane Meystre

A Hybrid Approach to De-identify Clinical Records
Shailesh Vedula, Xinyan Zhao, Tanmay Basu, V.G.Vinod Vydiswaran

RDoC Classification of Mental Health Records using Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network
Zengjian Liu, Buzhou Tang, Xiaolong Wang, Qingcai Chen

UTH: Determining Symptom Severity of Psychiatric Patients based on Initial Psychiatric Evaluation
Jun Xu, Yonghui Wu, Yaoyun Zhang, Hee-Jin Lee, Hua Xu, Kirk Roberts

Automatic Classification of RDoC Positive Valence Severity with a Neural Network
Cheryl Clark, Ben Wellner, Rachel Davis, John Aberdeen, and Lynette Hirschman

Automated Classification of Symptom Severity in Initial Psychiatric Evaluations
Kenneth H. Lai, Clay S. Riley, Suzanne V. Blackley, Li Zhou

One Class at a Time: Experiments with Cascading Classifiers in Healthcare
Lina Bouayad, Utkarsh Shrivastava, Vivek Singh, Anna Ialynytchev, Balaji Padmanabhan

Deep Convolutional Neural Network Document Model for Classifying Symptom Severity in an Research Domain Criteria domain
Yu-Lun Hsieh, Nai-Wen Chang, Kuan-Yu Chen, Yu-Chi Huang, Wei-Yun Tsai, Jitendra Jonnagaddala, Hong-Jie Dai, Wen-Lian Hsu

Identifying Severity in Neuropsychiatric Clinical Records
Tanmay Basu, Xinyan Zhao, Shailesh Vedula, V.G.Vinod Vydiswaran

Classification of the symptom severity of mental health records: an approach taking correlations into account using kernel method
Minsu Ko

Neural Summarization Model for Medical Records
Yu-Lun Hsieh, Nai-Wen Chang, Jitendra Jonnagaddala, Hong-Jie Dai, Wen-Lian Hsu

Exploring association between clinical, social parameters and violent behavior of the psychiatric disorder patients Shabbir Syed-Abdul, Hong-Jie Dai, Jitendra Jonnagaddala

4:30PM - 5:10PM: Presentations Part IV: Track 3 - Novel Data Use

Prediction of Psychiatric Conditions Based on "History of Present Illness" from Psychiatric Notes
Tung Tran and Ramakanth Kavuluru

UTH: An unsupervised framework for psychiatric symptom recognition using distributed representations and seed terms
Yaoyun Zhang, Olivia Zhang, Yonghui Wu, Hee-Jin Lee, Jun Xu, Hua Xu, Kirk Roberts

5:10PM - 6:00PM: Discussion and closing remarks


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