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Software Distribution Site is linked within the Hive below...

We have added software to the Hive! The complete package of Hive software now includes working cells and the client "i2b2 Workbench" application for communicating within the Hive. For a complete description of functionality available within the i2b2 Workbench software, please read the "i2b2 Workbench software description" available in the "i2b2 Hive" dropdown menu below.

The i2b2 Workbench is a collection of client-side components that communicate with i2b2 Cells and help aggregate their functionality in the Hive. Each component is designed as an Eclipse-based plug-in that interacts with a hive cell; collectively these plug-ins provide a cohesive entity to tie all the i2b2 cells together.

After you have downloaded and installed the software, please use the following demo login to authenticate:

Demo Account
User: demo
Password: demouser

View the i2b2 Workbench software description





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